CreateSpace (Print on Demand)

Print-on-Demand Distribution through CreateSpace

If you’d like to expand the reach of your book by making it available in print, not just in eBook format, there are various print-on-demand book distributors online. We recommend Amazon’s CreateSpace as the most straightforward option, and here’s why:

  • CreateSpace’s system for distribution is user-friendly and quick to use. The CreateSpace interface makes it easy to upload or re-upload your book file.
  • CreateSpace allows for quick and easy distribution and sales. Books distributed through CreateSpace appear sooner on Amazon than they do when they’re created through other print-on-demand providers.
  • CreateSpace has the widest reach and is the most commonly used print-on-demand provider. This means there are lots of helpful resources and tips for using CreateSpace online, both from CreateSpace itself and from CreateSpace users.
  • CreateSpace allows self-publishers to maintain full rights to their own material.
  • CreateSpace doesn’t charge anything to create a CreateSpace account or to upload a book for sale through Amazon. You pick your own list price, and when your book sells through Amazon, Amazon gets a percentage of the royalties each time the book sells. (The percentage of royalties that Amazon takes depends on the price of the book.)

How to succeed in selling books created through CreateSpace

Here are four tips to succeed in selling your CreateSpace:

  1. Be sure your manuscript is professionally prepared. Your book should be professionally edited, to avoid unprofessional typos and other errors. Include a copyright page (to protect you on the legal side of things) and a Table of Contents (to make the structure of your book easier to understand).
  2. Follow CreateSpace’s formatting rules. Be sure your print book layout follows CreateSpace’s formatting guidelines. Errors in regard to margin size, final page size, resolution of the graphics, etc. can all cause problems when it’s time to publish. All Acepub’s books that are formatted for print are prepared according to CreateSpace’s standards.
  3. Choose a winning cover. We can’t say this enough: money invested in professional cover design definitely will come back to you in sales. Design professionals with a marketing background, like Acepub’s designers, can draw readers in and make sales happen.
  4. Write a compelling book description. The description is what potential readers skim before deciding if they should buy your book or not. It must be persuasive, and give a few clues to why your book is worth buying, without giving too much away!

How Acepub makes Print-on-Demand sales happen through CreateSpace

At Acepub, we format your manuscript or eBook text for print at an affordable price. (While CreateSpace offers a book interior formatting service, ours is more affordable–we create a custom interior for you for a price similar to what CreateSpace charges for a book formatted according to a template.)
If you’d like, we also help you with distribution. You can ask us for help with setting up a CreateSpace account, uploading your print-ready book file to CreateSpace, or ensuring that your book passes all preflight procedures needed for successful printing. Just let us know how we can help you get your eBook distributed to print-lovers, too, through CreateSpace!

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